09 / 10 / 2017

Dean recently finished creating an EPK / short-documentary about his band the Stratos Ensemble, taking place mostly during production and release of their latest album Accident At Clear Lake. The late bassist Doug Lunn was still in the band at that time, so this documentary is a farewell to that particular phase of the ensemble, and to some degree, it also serves as an homage to Doug.

But all of our current players in the ensemble can also be found in this video, as well as their music, popping up at random times, including: Coco Roussel, Rod McDowell, Dave Boswell and Jim Goetsch.

Enjoy it. The video is somewhat of an odyssey, and it reveals a lot about the philosophy behind Dean's band. The film has been uploaded to Youtube as well as Vimeo, for those who prefer a better quality than Youtube.

Stratos EPK on Vimeo

Stratos EPK On Youtube:

Full EPK

Short EPK

Additionally, there have been new music videos that were made to highlight moments of the Stratos album Accident At Clear Lake. Dean's keyboard and piano playing is featured on those, as well as great guitar solos by Daniel Coffeng. The two music videos can be found at the following links.

Stratos music videos on Vimeo:

Stratos music videos on Youtube

To hear or buy copies of this latest Stratos album, Accident At Clear Lake, it can be found in two main places, in addition to Spotify and iTunes:


For more general info, videos and music by The Stratos Ensemble, visit their website at:

    04 / 22 / 2017

Dean recently finished his first film. It's a short documentary about one of his friends, mentors and idols, Robert Rich. This film is currently available on Youtube under "Robert Rich Documentary," which is different than the film's actual title "Robert Rich: A Music Icon's Time On Earth." They recently included a blurb Dean wrote about the film on the Valley Entertainment news letter. It reads as such:

"Robert Rich: A Music Icon's Time On Earth is a short documentary film representing my friend, Robert Rich, an established ambient musician, composer, producer and sound designer. Robert's art and his noticeably enlightened personality have made an impact on the lives of many people, including myself. I've always known him to be an exceptionally gentle and articulate soul, so I wanted the public to know both he and his art better, and hopefully understand the ambient music genre more in the process. As a friend, Robert even supported my own music through the years, selflessly, as well as been an influence on that work. It was time for me to give something back. A handful of musicians, including Robert, were the first on the West Coast to add significantly to the ambient music genre, and yet they have somehow remained a tad under the radar ever since. These are fairly unsung heroes, and I suppose I would like to draw some attention to that as much as I can for now and/or in the future, at least whenever possible. In relation to this particular film, the interview with Robert took place in 2011. I had planned on cutting it into a film shortly afterward. It ended up taking me 7 years to complete, after juggling it with several other projects. I'm happy it's done. I was worried for a moment. I supposed I'm a bit more established as a musician than anything else, but I've actually been painfully sitting on other talents for a long time, so Robert was the perfect inspiration for me to bridge that gap and start a new chapter in my artistic life. I truly feel that we should all face our hidden and forsaken talents sooner than later, for the betterment of ourselves and our important relationships. There must be others out there who resonate with this same point of view, and my heart warms at such a thought."

-Dean De Benedictis

    02 / 20 / 2017

Multi-Media Performance And CD Release Party On February 21st
January 23, 2017

Dean's glitchy, spacerock-ish fusion band The Stratos Ensemble have an announcement to make:

The Stratos Ensemble will perform a set of music at the E Spot Lounge in North Hollywood, this time as a comprehensive multi-media event celebrating the release of their new album, Accident At Clear Lake.

Unlike the last event, only partially multi-media with dancers and performance art, this full media event will also include projected animations and video art. Slam poet B1 (Brian) will join us again, as well as dancers from the Venice DC Company. It will be a full set of ambient/jazz/electro/spacerock, accompanied by cinema, dancing, poetry, and the usual ethereal cover ballad or two.

Our new album, Accident At Clear Lake, will be released on the day of the event, and will be available online for purchase both physically and digitally.

The E Spot Lounge is a jazz theater, located upstairs at Vitello's restaurant in North Hollywood.
The Stratos Ensemble's set will run from 8pm-9:45pm prompt.

The line-up of musicians performing that night will be:
Coco Roussel (drums and electronic drum pads)
Frescia Belmar (bass)
Jim Goetsch (sax, texture synths) 
Dave Boswell (guitar & guitar synth) 
Dean De Benedictis (piano, synths, embellishments, flute, melodica, acoustic guitar and vocals)

Also, spinning indie downtempo music that night before the live Stratos set will be DJ Roarkyd. Look him up.
The entire event will also be a dedication to Doug Lunn, the bassist on Accident At Clear Lake who recently passed away.

Tickets can be purchased cheaper in advance ($5) at the following link. Just scroll down the page and locate The Stratos Ensemble on Feb 21st.

To read more about the Stratos Ensemble, and hear their music, visit:

Also, if you happened to show up at our Alva's Showroom gig last October, all you have to do is tell a concessionaire or a band member about it at the E Spot on Feb 21st and you will receive a free copy of the Ensemble's last album, entitled "3/2/14" (titled after the date it was made).

For additional Vitello's Restuarant info:

And to buy a copy of the new album, Accident At Clearlake, featuring the bass playing of the late Doug Lunn, visit CDBaby on February 21st, look up the album, and order a digital copy online. Physical copies will be made available through CDBaby over the following week.

Album cover by : Claire Raymond Photography

Flyer images by Marcin Majkowski


    10 / 11 / 2016


My new album Salvaging The Present has been released now, as of October 7th 2016! It's on a good label that specializes in modern ambient and new age forms, called Spotted Peccary Records. Salvaging The Past can be found on their website and at most online outlets of your choice.

This is a long awaited album/CD, because it took almost 6 years to complete (I had announced that it had been 4 years but I was off) and my last album released before that was in 2008. Indeed it's been quite a dry spell for official releases. I'm happy to end that now.

The last album I released on this particular record label, Spotted Rec, was in 2005. It was entitled Salvaging The Past, so yes, this new album is a sequel of sorts to that one, 11 years later.

Big thanks to all those who were patient and maintained their faith. I'm grateful for your patronage and support. I'm also proud to have great musicians join me on this album, including ex members of The Stratos Ensemble, native flutist and singer D'von Charley, cellist and producer Peter Ludwig, and bassist Percy Jones who played forms of music other than ambient with Brian Eno back in the 70s. I hope Salvaging The Present is a worthy ambient introduction for Percy, as well as for the other great players who have tried this genre out for the first time. Thank you, again, for showing interest in my latest work.

--Musician and producer Dean De Benedictis remains inspired to draw from his travels, relationships, emotional experiences, desires and discoveries artistically, at any appropriate opportunity. He bases his personal definition of wonder, divinity and sanctity purely on what the human experience yields, and its potential to generate the deepest of feelings. His new album Salvaging The Present is yet another example of this sentimental effort, in particular, by portraying time as a beacon for hope.

In Dean's words: "All of it is salvageable. Everything we have done, everything we have become, and everything we have yet to do and become, is redeemable, right now. It is likely all going on at the same time, our entire lives, and all events throughout eternity, all at
this very moment, somehow and somewhere. I do hope that sooner or later people consider this as a possibility.--

To purchase CDs and/or read more about the album, visit the label and album website here:

(Note: Each Monday, all of the album previews for Salvaging The Present may be disabled / enabled back and forth on a weekly basis for a temporary amount of time. It will be enabled biweekly during this period.)

To hear the album preview on Youtube:

To hear the album preview on Soundcloud:

Musicians who performed on this album, aside from Dean, are: 
Alexey Gorokholinsky (clarinet), Jim Goetsch (sax), Peter Ludwig - aka Mystic Pete (cello), Lisa Claire Mitterer - aka Claire Reymond (vocals), Percy Jones (bass), D'von Charley (native flute, buffalo drum and voice), Angelo Alonte (violin)

Cover design and imagery by Claire Raymond Photography
Graphics and final layout by Daniel Pipitone
Inner sleeve concept by Dean De Benedictis

    09 / 14 / 2016

Dean De Benedictis's Band The Stratos Ensemble Is LIVE At Alva's Showroom This Month!!!!

The Stratos Ensemble, an experimental, improvisational, rock/jazz fusion group, is excited to present a multi-media music performance - performed music accompanied by projected video art depicting abstract nature, time-lapse, and computer animation - on Saturday, September 17 at Alva's Showroom, 1415 W 8th Street, San Pedro, CA 90732. There will be two sets - 8pm and 9:30pm. Admission is $10 online at http://alvasshowroom.com/calendar.php, and $15 at the door.

The Stratos Ensemble is a band and music project lead by Dean De Benedictis - aka electronic musician Surface 10 and originally a fusion keyboardist - that has been expanding the margins between electronic soundscapes and jazz sensibilities since 2004. Comprised of experienced and knowledgeable players - Daniel Coffeng on guitar and guitar synth, Doug Lunn on fretless bass, and Brock Avery on drums - the ensemble's format is completely improvisational, yet utilizes musicianship and a variety of methods to yield the effect of being pre-composed music. The Stratos Ensemble tends to fit well in a progressive jazz-fusion classification, but because most of the players have thorough experience in a variety of other genres, their overall sound comes across far more cinematic than other ensembles in the fusion and jazz scene. This has also set them wildly apart from the free-jazz movement. They are an improvisational band, much like the free jazz movement, but the Stratos Ensemble focuses more on melodic content rather than purely sound or non-idiomatic approach.

Championing forgotten pioneers of the 70s, such as those involved in the early ECM Records movement, as well as the deeper side of early progressive rock, The Stratos Ensemble approaches their work from an ambient and progressive music base, rather than a traditional jazz school of thought.

Aside from keyboardist and founder Dean De Benedictis, The Stratos Ensemble is essentially a band of circulating members, evolving over time as players leave and are replaced, sometimes even by those who left previously. The band/project gears towards a concrete list of personnel, but rides the tide according to whatever come up for its members.

The style of the ensemble's music, ever since the beginning, is a long-time dream and idea of founding member Dean De Benedictis. For this reason, during each performance, the band's general direction and intensity are often led by Dean as he ties themes and textures together. On balance, these players are simply joining together to interactively sculpt new passages and musical realities by the sheer joy of their raw skill, talent, creativity and musical understanding.

This particular show will also have a unique angle, being that jazz fusion is rarely performed with forms of pristine video imagery. The videographer for the event will actually be Dean De Benedictis in collaboration with Claire Raymond and a bevy of cinematographers who donated their work to the event. In addition to the live show, The Stratos Ensemble will also be performing live on KXLU 88.9fm LA, on Sunday, September 11 between 8pm and 10pm. To hear the live stream that night, listen at http://kxlu.com.

Genre: Rock / Ambient / Jazz / Experimental

Event Phone: 319-519-1314

Alva's Showroom
1415 W 8th Street
San Pedro CA 90732

Long Beach & South Bay

Performance Dates: 9/17/2016
Saturday, 09/17/2016

Performance Times
2 sets - 8pm and 9:30pm

Ticket Information:
Tickets are $10 online, $15 at the door

Web Link for ticketing 


Social Media or other Links:

    08 / 21 / 2016


I'm pleased to announce the release of Touched 3 last week, a mega compilation album that I have three tracks on under three different aliases.
Touched 3 is a compilation put out by the Touched label in England, and features electronic music from some of the greatest innovators of the genre. It's also supposedly one of the biggest compilations out to date, featuring well over 400 artists. All proceeds go towards cancer research and treatment.
On the album, my music can be found as aliases: Surface 10, Dean De Benedictis, and the Stratos Ensemble (a futurist fusion band I run). You can find those aliases alphabetically as you scroll down the extremely long track list on Bandcamp.

Here are direct links (below) to only my tracks under each of my monikers on the Touched 3 compilation, making it easier for anyone who has no interest in hearing the entire 417 track album. However, the album is an electronic odyssey. On it you will find artists such as Bibio, Nils Frahm, Freeform, Autechre, Plaid, John Tejada, LukeVibert, Losci, Michael Rother, 808State, FSOL, Dissolved, Dntel, Ulrich Shnauss and lots of great unknowns. It's no laughing matter, unless electronic music makes you laugh uncontrollably for some wacky reason. :)

My track as Dean De Benedictis https://touched.bandcamp.com/tra…/live-on-stillstream-3-8-14
My track as Surface 10 https://touched.bandcamp.com/track/room-6
My band's track as The Stratos Ensemble https://touched.bandcamp.com/track/post-burrows


    05 / 31 / 2016

Last Sunday, Dean De Benedictis appeared on fm radio in Los Angeles with fellow artist J-Walt.

J-Walt is a computer graphics artist, media-technology inventor, and electronic musician who often performs live digital graphics in planetariums, set to his original electronic scores. Dean and J-Walt began collaborating on electronic music together 5 years ago, and now they have built up a small collection of works. Some of it is completely improvised music from their jam sessions, and some of it has been heavily edited and refined. The two musicians finally debuted bits of this collection last Sunday night, on fm radio KXLU in Los Angeles, during a long-standing KXLU radio program called Alien Air Music. Not only did Dean and J-Walt debut their music together during last Sunday's program, but J-Walt actually brought some of his gear to the station and generated live computer art, as a simulcast on Youtube, during the radio show. Those who tuned in that night could here Dean and J-Walt's music debut on radio, AS WELL AS J-Walt's live computer graphics on Youtube--at the same time. The hour weaved between music and visuals, and short interviews with both artists. The whole thing came out fairly well in general.

J-Walt and Dean have tentative plans to eventually release this music as an album, so stay posted here as well as on J-Walt's website (http://www.spontaneousfantasia.com/category/recent-posts/) for updates. You can also catch snippets and even whole sets of their improvised collaborative music on the Fateless Flows Soundcloud page (https://soundcloud.com/fatelessflowsrecords). Further, even sooner than their potential album is the high likelihood that Dean and J-Walt will somehow perform this material together in a Los Angeles planetarium, set to live graphics that are similar to the ones J-Walt generated during the simulcast last Sunday. For more info on their possible up-coming planetarium performance, stayed posted to the websites of both artists, as well as their facebook pages.

Lastly, if you are disappointed about missing last Sunday's audio/video simulcast, or you are just plan curious about how it must have looked and sounded, there is indeed hope. You can visit the link below to watch and hear the Youtube archive of their dedicated hour on KXLU. This archive was originally the live feed of the video stream, and now it remains there forever as an archive of the simulcast/broadcast. Go and check it out, and feel free to leave likes and comments on the Youtube page as well as share it.

However, please note that the first half hour of the video is that part of radio program Alien Air music leading up to Dean and J-Walt's hour; it contains other people's music, put to the repeating image of a time-lapsed Mt. Wilson Observatory. Dean and J-Walt start their hour 34 minutes into it. From that point you will see the video shift between images of both artists at the radio station and the live generated imagery by J-Walt set to the music score by both artists. You also may hear some audio glitches and drop-outs, and you may see some video drop outs, unexpectedly. The artists ask that you please excuse that, but also bear in mind that the technology and nature of a multi-teared broadcast/simulcast is always quite unpredictable.


(A bit of Dean De Benedictis trivia: before last Sunday's feature, the last time Dean had been involved with a simulcast of this nature was as far back as the mid 90s, and was actually in collaboration with Alien Music radio host Pat Murphy [longtime friend and collaborator of Dean De Benedictis]. That simulcast had been Pat's idea, which he had also created the somewhat cutting-edge computer graphics imagery for at the time. For that simulcast, Pat had to also team up with Rene Ramirez [R3 Productions], another of Dean's old collaborators who used to film the Fateless Flows Collective when it was still active. During this particular simulcast, in the mid 90s, the internet was not developed enough yet for live AV feeds and signals. So, both Pat and Rene had to use Public Access TV at the time. They had to cue both Dean's pre-recorded music on radio, with Pat's pre-recorded visuals on TV, in a way that synced them up as best as possible. It was a different time for multi media events, which Dean chuckled at the thought of during last Sunday's more-advanced simulcast.)


    04 / 15 / 2016

I know I've been kind of bad keeping this news/blog page more updated, but I'll be getting a little more on-track again now. One of the things I've actually been that busy with is The Stratos Ensemble, which is actually part of the good news because we currently sound amazing and we have established bass player Doug Lunn in the band.

The other good news is, it's now official: I have completed my next album for Spotted Peccary Records, and they will indeed be releasing it in Fall of this year, 2016. This is a long awaited release, which took me 4 years to finish, and it's a completely new approach to ambient and/or cinematic electronic music. Be on the lookout for more word regarding both of these endeavors, The Stratos Ensemble and my up-coming album on Spotted.

In the meantime, additionally, I bear gifts. Hopefully these will make up for the slight MIA. These gifts involve both aforementioned projects.

The first one is from the Stratos Ensemble. We have a great live set posted online, performed with lots of peaks and valleys, and electronic ambient moments combined with ensemble moments. This set is in the form of a video and a free audio download. :)

For the free audio download:

For the video:

The second gift is from myself. It's simply a full-song preview of my upcoming album on Spotted P. Rec. Again, it's kind of a new take on ambient music, at least for me. And for lack of a better word, enjoy. :)


    06 / 20 / 2015

Drummer Coco Roussel, ex-drummer for legendary progressive bands such as Happy The Man, Heldon and Michael Manring, has recently joined up with Dean's ambient jazz/fusion band The Stratos Ensemble. Announcements have been made about it on all of the Stratos sites and pages, and some music has already been recorded. Dean even spent some extra time doing excellent one-on-one duo material with Coco.

Here is a new long ambient track featuring grand piano and drum pads, improvised as a duo piece recently between Coco Roussel and Dean De Benedictis. This is considered music that is separate from The Stratos Ensemble, and is actually more of an experiment. It was Dean and Coco's first foray into ambient music together. They are currently toying with the idea of an eventual duo album, making this new piece one of it's potential tracks. You may vibe with it, and it's currently available for free download. Get it while it's there. Click the download icon. High quality mp3.

Also, to get an idea of the kind of drummer Coco is, listen to the music on this Youtube spot. It's a song from a live performance Happy The Man gave back in 78, with Coco Roussel on drums. For those confused about the style of that band, Happy The Man was considered instrument progressive rock / fusion, and of some of the highest caliber back in the 70s. Listen all the way towards the killer synth solo by Kit Watkins at the end. That synth solo was the main reason Stratos founder and keyboardist Dean De Benedictis decided to become a lead synth player, after first hearing it in the 80s. It is a deep honor to have Coco Roussel in the band.

Stratos Ensemble Website:

Stratos Ensemble FB page: https://www.facebook.com/thestratosensemble?fref=ts

    06 / 08 / 2015

Dean involves himself in many projects and many bands and all of them lead by him, with the exception of a few. One band of those few is called Zen Land, lead by Michael Zentner, founding member or progressive rock bands such as The Muffins and Big Guns.

Aside from members Mike and Dean, the band's other members are all industry-professional musicians such as Doug Lunn (Mark Isham, The Fire Merchants), Tim Young (David Silvyan, The Late Late Show) and Vonette Yanaginuma (Nelly Furtado). Their first self titled album as Zen Land was released in early 2015 and has achieved a great deal of media attention. They also have a couple of official videos posted online, one being for their track called "Song" and the other being for their cover of the Police song Spirits In The Material World, which was even advertised on one of the Police's social networks where it got over 8,000 likes, along with almost 30,000 views on YouTube.

Dean's remix for the track, "Song," was the one featured, not only on the Zen Land album, but was the mix and track selected for the album's official video, which is at almost 20,000 views on YouTube and counting. He created a highly imaginative alternative edit of the video as well. Dean also co-produced the band's 'tribute to The Police' cover and created his own ambient-remix version of the track as well.

Zen Land website (scroll to the bottom for audio clips of their album in the iTunes player):

Dean's Zen Land page:

First official Zen Land video:

Dean's preferred version of the first Zen Land video (edited by Dean):

Video of official Police song cover:

Dean's preferred audio version of the Police song cover:

    05 / 21 / 2015

Just giving another friendly reminder to check Dean's Surface 10 Soundcloud page for exciting and innovative new tracks of his that he's posted up. The page can be found here.


    04 / 20 / 2015

If you haven't seen it yet, The Stratos Ensemble has an interesting new video improvisation up on Youtube. It features a voice-sample-based synth solo by Dean De Benedictis, and an ambient interlude in the second half. The best of improvised progressive music.


    12 / 01 / 2014

If you like electronic music, this fundraiser compilation was finally released the other day and it's pretty good for being one of the longest compilations ever to date: Touched 2. I'm honored to be on it and my band even has a track there. Look me up under Surface 10 and/or Dean De Benedictis, and look my band up under The Stratos Ensemble. I used some crazy new music and sonic methods for this--sampling and chopping up sung notes and consonants of whispers to use as drum rhythms. You may want to check the whole album out though because it features artists like Autechre, U-ziq, Luke Vibert, Luke Slater, FSOL, George Sarah, 808 State, Ruxpin, and other crazy legends. Do it. Good cause, brilliant music.


    10 / 29 / 2014

There was recently a big Internet radio broadcast that featured custom sets by significant electronic music artists such as Neotropic, FSOL, DJ Food and even Surface 10. The program is called Terminal Radio and the curator is Nmesh, an ambient recording artist who's a big S10 fan. The entire broadcast has since been posted on soundcloud. It's a 3-hour ambient music excursion of exclusive premiered material by the artists, as well as some extra artists spun in there. Surface 10's set is all premiered original music that will soon be released on the fundraising label Touched. Check it out at the following link.


    8 / 29 / 2014

If you haven't seen it yet, Dean's ambient-progressive-jazz band The Stratos Ensemble has it's own official website now. Go and check it out and peruse it's many features and medias.

To hear direct audio of the band, visit the Fateless Flows Soundcloud page and locate all of the tracks by The Stratos Ensemble.

    4 / 7 / 2014

Two Charity Albums That include New Music By Surface 10


Many recording artists are now turning much of their profit-seeking intention towards charities and causes that they have personal connections to.  For Dean this would be many, but he's starting with a good solid one. His grandmother passed away from cancer in 1998, and he was very close to her.  Recently Dean created one track and two remixes, as alias Surface 10, for a very small label called Touched, which raises money for a cancer support company called Macmillan.  Touched recently released two CDs: a compilation, and a remix CD.  The two releases have simple CD covers but they contain amazing music.  On all three Surface 10 tracks, Dean outdid himself a bit, in drastically differing electronic genres.

If you go to the following two links, you will find these contributed tracks and you can check them out. One is called "Dukefire Skyballs," one is called "Pictures In Her Mind (Surface 10 remix)," and one is called "Abereiddy Astronomical Society - The Outsider (Surface 10 remix)." Two of these tracks are towards the bottom of the playlists, but the remix called "Abereiddy Astronomical Society - The Outsider (Surface 10 remix)" is towards the top of one. Go and check them out for an S10-style experience, and while you're there, be sure to hear the many other legendary artists who have been involved in ambient/IDM/glitch/electro-acoustic genres for years, and whom also contributed tracks to these compilations. It was a full-on charity project, as potent as they come, complete with over a hundred good artists, an entire collection. The best part: to buy it it's only $5 per CD. A $5 donation to charity gets you some of the most interesting new instrumental IDM out there. Might be worth a ponder.

  1. http://touched.bandcamp.com/album/touched

  2. http://touched.bandcamp.com/album/a-distant-rainbow

    2 / 20 / 2014

Mark it off on your calendars: another in-studio performance by Surface 10 followed by The Stratos Ensemble, March 8th. All from 2-5pm Pacific, live on Stillstream.com and Livestream.com and at PenthausLA (Shetech). Another large simulcast. Visit the below links and stand by for more on both appearances.




    2 / 11 / 2014

There is a Soundcloud page for Fateless Flows that hasn't been publicized yet because Dean was waiting for the Fateless relaunch. While we are still waiting, you can enjoy the many new tracks already posted on that page, mostly Dean's projects and collaborations such as the Stratos Ensemble and Surface 10. Go and check it out when you can. There are even free downloads.


    1 / 17 / 2014

Surface 10 (aka Dean De Benedictis) and ambient fusion band The Stratos Ensemble will be playing live this Saturday the 18th on Internet radio Stillstream and Livestream, broadcasting from LA. Visit ALL of the below urls for info and artist websites, as well as the Stillstream and Livestream sites. The Surface 10 live set will start at 2pm Pacific, and The Stratos Ensemble set will start at 3:30pm, lasting until 5pm Pacific. Interviews will follow each set. Be sure to tune in to this rare 3-hour broadcast, and don't forget, all listed broadcast times are Pacific time.

Stratos Ensemble Website:

Stillstream Internet Radio Site:

Livestream Video Broadcasting Site:

Event Page:

Surface 10 Website:

    1 / 06 / 2014

If all goes according to planned, this is what my 2014 will consist of. I laugh as I write. Still some pretty unrealistic work amounts:

  • finally launching Fateless Flows and all of it's unfinished music
  • releasing the next Salvaging The Past CD for Spotted Pec Rec
  • doing a few videos and blog entries to update Travels Rendered
  • mini gig tour in Fall
  • 9 months on the road for Travels Rendered and Summit Music, starting in March (and all of it's prep)
  • climbing Mt. Shasta, Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Rainier in the Summer

Look for more on everything, and pray for me. ;))

    11 / 04 / 2013

New tracks up on Dean's (Surface 10's) Soundcloud page, some for free download.

Dean has been hard at work on his next CD for Spotted Peccary Records. While working on the CD, he's been discovering new programming capabilities and creating new sounds, thus cranking out a few really cool extra tracks in the process. He has also been slowing reforming and recording his progressive jazz ensemble, the Stratos Ensemble, and has been cross pollinating with musicians between the band and his solo efforts.


    7 / 19 / 2013

Percy Jones - Guest Musician On Next CD
Dean has been working hard on his next ambient solo album, this time using the talents of friends and colleagues, including Percy Jones from 70s-fusion-band Brand X. Percy is a big fan of Surface 10, specifically of the CD In Vitro Tide, and Dean, being a keyboard player, was a huge fan of Brand X (also having briefly played in the band), so this was a natural progression. In the 70s, Percy recorded with such artists as Brian Eno, but only pop styles, so he never actually played or recorded ambient music. This will be an interesting genre debut for him. Stay posted to Dean's many walls for updates, or stay posted to the Spotted Peccary website, which also includes info on his last CD release.


Brand X Wiki Page:

    3 / 27 / 2013

Last St. Patrick's Day, Dean De Benedictis and Vic Hennegan recorded an improvised ambient music session together at Hidden Valley in Joshua Tree National Monument, CA. To hear or download a copy of the piece, and to read about how they did it, visit the following Soundcloud page.


    2 / 26 / 2013

They will be showing one of Dean's short-film trailers for his project Travels Rendered at the Arivaca Film Festival in Arizona. The festival happens on the very first weekend of March.



    1 / 9 / 2013

Dean on Astreaux World

Dean's music was recently featured on the famous Live-365 radio program Astreaux World. known for it's ambient new age and space music. Put aside an hour for this one.


    12 / 27 / 2012
Dean on Soundcloud

For those who have not seen it yet, go check out Dean's Soundcloud profile. It has a minimal but circulating amount of both rare and released tracks. As always, be sure to leave likes and comments if you stop by.

    10 / 02 / 2012
Surface 10 (Dean De Benedictis) teamed up with 3D-fractal artist Jeremie Brunet to do a spacey and surrealistic music video. It's based on the futurist theory of the Singularity. You can view it at the following link:

    04 / 26 / 2012
There is an electronica recording artist from Russia named C.J. Catalizer who attributes his involvement with this genre to the music of Surface 10. C.J. Catalizer recently created a piece in dedication to Dean and to Surface 10, swiftly named "The 10th Surface." It can be heard on SoundCloud:

    04 / 03 / 2012
This Sunday, April 8th, Dean De Benedictis will interview live on fm radio KSBR (88.5 in Orange County, Irvine, CA) about his travel project and other concurrent projects and performances. The interview will take place sometime between 9am-12noon. Pick up the broadcast stream at this link.

    03 / 11 / 2012
Table Of Element Vol. 2​.​0

There's a free music compilation from an industrial/IDM label in France that features an unreleased Surface 10 track. The second half of the compilation is IDM, so if you don't like industrial music in particular, you may want to skip ahead to track #15. That's where the IDM starts. The Surface 10 track is one of Dean's best/most-intense fast pieces of the 2000s, and will likely be remastered and re-released sometime in the future.

    02 / 20 / 2012

Coming soon will be collaborative electronic/ambient music sessions out in the California desert by Dean De Benedictis and Vic Hennegan. They had their first session at Red Rock Canyon State Park the other day, and it came out epically well. Look for more postings by them at different online locations.

    02 / 14 / 2012

Check a couple of these remixes that Surface 10/Dean De Benedictis just made for California jazz ensemble Simplexity. One remix is a new take on techno/house and the other is a form of alternative jazz that Dean has been contributing to.


    02 / 07 / 2012



"The true nature of a musician is if people listen to his music. My son, your friend Rory, goes to sleep each night listening to your CD. He says hello. If that doesn't make you feel successful nothing will. Hope you're well! Nigel"


    01 / 21 / 2012
If you haven't seen the Surface 10 Youtube page yet, go and audit a few computer graphics videos that Dean De Benedictis custom made over the last 4 years. He is still learning, but these were the first phase of his adventures in computer graphics adaptation. The videos are abstract, ethereal and apropos for some of his new, unreleased Surface 10 material.

    12 / 05 / 2011
Fateless Records

Dean and friends recently created a Blogspot page for Fateless Music/Records. They are on Blogger.com now.







    08 / 29 / 2011:

Read about how Dean is making mobile-music history at the top of the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. His project is called The Summit Music Project.

  Dean's music, among other mediums, is the result of his will to tie an essential common thread together between opposing genres and mentalities, as well as draw from them a natural sense of emotion, expanse and mystery. This Southern California-based producer / performer / musician / visual and conceptual artist (otherwise known to the electronic/ambient community as Surface 10) has always utilized his interest in a variety of styles and cultures to enrich the quality of his musical expression.

  Beginning his deep exploration of music in the 80's, De Benedictis covered a wide gamut of musical experience; moving through many jazz-fusion and progressive rock bands, music theory classes, and producing/performing source music for network television over 12 years of his career.

  Like many other artists, much of De Benedictis's non-commercial (personal) music was composed as a dedication and a utility for his own life experiences; one of many examples is how some of his pieces were created, at first, only to carry with him and listen to at specific outdoor locations (in deserts, canyons, jungles, mountain regions, coastal regions, unpopulated areas in general), thus permanently marking the region with the music in his memory. He dedicates his work to people, places, memories, etc., and aspires to communicate and suggest a similar functionality for the experiences of his audience.

  In 1996, Dean De Benedictis released his debut ambient/electronic music (borderline space rock) CD on Hypnotic/Cleopatra Records, which was self titled under the alias SURFACE 10. Following that was Dean's collaboration project with George Sara (of THC) called Cathexis, releasing the CD Exempli Gratia, in 1997 (also on Hypnotic/Cleopatra), a gift to the techno trance world.

  Just after these initial releases, Dean appeared on various compilations, and in various genres, for labels like Hypnos, Lektronic Soundscapes, and Cleopatra. In the new millennium, 2000, Dean put out a technologically edgy/progressive/IDM style Surface 10 CD called In Vitro Tide on DiN Records, followed by his tribal ambient CD release A Lone Reply debuted under his own name, on Fateless in 2001. Dean then formed the Fateless Flows Collective and appeared on their compilations for 2004 and 2005.

  In 2004 the Surface 10 CD Borrowed Time 2000 was made available by Space For Music Records as a compilation of previously unreleased Surface 10 material, and in 2005 Dean De BenedictisSpotted Peccary Records put out Dean's previously unreleased mix of all ambient vibes and time zones, Salvaging The Past. After those mid, new-era jaunts, Dean focused his attention on his space/rock/jazz quartet, The Strato Ensemble, releasing their CD, "Drawn Straws."

  Right around that same time he released his second Surface 10 CD on DiN, "Surface Tensions," this time as a glitchy/ambient far cry. The latest Fateless release was under Dean's birth name and it was entitled "A Cambient Variations, an ambient CD that was performed and recorded solely with Dean's voice.