Hopelessly infested with an endless desire to translate the abstract into discernible music, Dean De Benedictis, under alias Surface 10 (and Surface 10 Activity) keeps his soul submerged in the techo-logical plasma pool. While being drenched in a virtual stigmata of echoes from his vintage music interests and tendencies towards their homage, Surface 10 plows forward with new techniques and technologies.

  Ever since Surface 10 debuted on Hypnotic Records in the mid 90s, it has served as Dean's most logical excuse to infuse emotional melodies with technologically-exhibitionistic music methodology. Flirting with a style template that some refer to as "IDM" or "Glitch" (experimental electronica), Surface 10 has lost and gained variations of fan bases, a stability he was reluctantly willing to sacrifice for his creative freedom and relished unpredictability. Just as pertinent, Surface 10 is another example of a certain emoting-towards-timeless that Dean makes concerted efforts to convey in every one of his projects.

buy http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/surface10 Surface 10: Borrowed Time 2000
Released in 2004, Borrowed Time 2000 is yet another compiled set of Dean's unreleased tracks spanning from 1994 - 99. Some of these tracks were originally intended for the first Surface 10 CD release on Hypnotic Records in 1996. The music of Borrowed Time 2000 has a more vintage-ambient sound (homage to Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Ian Boddy, Steve Roach) then the usual Surface 10 pace, but Surface 10 founder Dean De Benedictis formed an extremely sentimental attachment to it.
buy In Vitro Tide Surface 10: In Vitro Tide
In Vitro Tide was the first (and last) official Surface 10 CD to dive head-first into the hardcore/experimental world. This CD was a mesh of Dean's work 1994 - 99, digitaly tweaked and edited together into a frantic overture of sonic and musical concepts. It was released as In Vitro Tide in 2000, on DiN Records in England. With overtones of techno-cult influence, In Vitro Tide combines styles of "IDM", Drum & Bass, ambient, jazz fusion, and other polar-opposite influences.
buy Surface Tensions Surface 10: Surface Tensions
On July 4th, 2006, SURFACE 10 released his experimental/ambient CD on DiN Records entitled Surface Tensions. This latest work by Surface 10 (aka Surface 10 Activity) is a 1997-to-2006 selection of Dean De Benedictis's slower-groove, experimental-ambient pieces, a few of which were created with the assistance of Eddie Loyola (aka Niture) and members of the Fateless Flows Collective. Traces of glitch and IDM can be found, but overall the music of "Surface Tensions" is meant as another chapter in the unspoken genre of the techno-tragic sound. Personal feelings and experiences yet again lurk within this section of Surface 10's work, claiming nothing for itself, but rather seeking to share with its audience that which can rarely be shared from one person to another.